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Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada Jeff is a happily married man with a son and a daughter. He is proud to come from a family with a strong heritage in both music and working with their hands(carpentry, upholstery, custom mirror work, plumbing, masonry and more). At a very young age Jeff grew up making and creating things from sand castles in the backyard to Lincoln Logs and Legos in the living room to forts and more at the homes of his friends. As he grew older he enjoyed helping any and everyone with their projects just to learn and gain experience. Once he and his wife bought their first house Jeff immediately turned his garage into a shop and started creating custom items for his wife, family and others just for fun. Over time his skills grew and so did his passion for it.

After over two decades of working full time at a job in the medical field and only having a few hours a week to build things he took the plunge! Jeff left the company and finally pursued his dream of having his own business making custom pieces and never looked back.

He has been able to build both privately in his shop and within the city on bigger projects such as Life Is Beautiful and a few television/movie sets. During this time he has met good people who have become great friends. One of Jeff's favorite parts of what he does is seeing and knowing that people and businesses use and enjoy something he made! It has been a blessing in his life.

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